After forty two years of historical research there have been momentous tangible discoveries. As President Harry Truman of the United States once said: “The only new thing in the world, is the History which you do not know.” “King Arthur” […]

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Back To Basic

Well, we began questioning the phoney version of ancient British History in 1956, and we placed the Project on a serious basis in 1976. By our arithmatic we have been at this one way and another for 46 years. Let […]

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Historical Triads

The Welsh Triads are simple systems of Memnonic recordings designed to preserved vital remembrances in the form of triplets. For example if one said “Three Tales with Happy endings”, 1. Snow White, 2. Cinderella, and 3. Pinoccio, then the listener […]

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Holy Kingdom

The Holy Kingdom Smear Campaign Many of those who contact us through the Internet fail to understand how the Dirty tricks scams work in Britain, so here is a prime example. When we agreed to produce “The Holy Kingdom” which […]

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Arthurian Research & Study

Research began in 1956 into neglected politically incorrect records. These detail King Arthur I of the late Fourth Century and King Arthur II of the Sixth Century in prolific detail. Outstanding discoveries have resulted much to the discomfort of the establishment.

Arthur, America and the Comet.

Extensive and detailed Researches into the much ignored ancient Histories of the British demonstrate that these reliable and accurate Histories should never have been abandoned in a fever of political and religious correctness which swept through the major English Universities in the 19th Century. Out of the academically created gloom come King Arthur I son of Magnus and his direct male line descendant King Arthur II son of Meurig. Records and evidence in abundance tumble out on both sides of the Atlantic of the voyages to America of the Prince Madoc Morfran, brother of Arthur II. Detail of the destruction of Arthurian Britain by debris falling from a Comet in AD 562 as attested by Professor Victor Clube of Oxford University Astrophysics and Professor Michael Baillie Dendrochronologist of Queens University, Belfast. “King Arthur” is only regarded as a mythic and legendary figure because the Universities became immersed in 19th Century religious and political campaigns of correctness, and the massed array of provable abundant evidence was declared inadmissible

Joseph, Moses, Solomon & Sheba.

The restoration of correct British History as presented in several other volumes, results in a testing and proving of the Ancient British Historical Records of the arrival of the people in Britain. The record of Albyne leading a vast fleet to Britain from Coele-Syria around 1600 BC is supported by solid evidence. The records of Brutus leading a second great fleet to Britain from the Dardanelles area around 504 BC also stands proven. The means to do this lay in the ancient Language and the Historical Records of the people being in Egypt in antiquity. The Ancient British records point directly to HOW TO READ THE EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHICS. This was tested and the results show that a more accurate method of reading the ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics in available. The assertion of Champollion led, would be decipherers, is that there are no Records extant in Egypt which tell of Jacob, Joseph, Benyuamin, or of Moses, Solomon & Sheba. This is not true. The mass of centuries long muddles and dark age gaps which disfigure all ancient Histories in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean disappear and dissolve like morning mists when correct readings are made.

Important Notice:

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These books are all hardbound editions, lavishly illustrated with a wealth of primary source material, with charts, maps, tables and photographs beginning a journey of discovery. You too can visit every one of these sites, touch every stone, and check on every manuscript.


  • These books represent the first authentic and awesome breakthrough in the provable and positive identification of the two Kings names as King Arthur son of Magnus is Warwickshire and his sixth generation descendant Arthur II of Glamorgan.

    Ian Kershaw - Historian