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Well, we began questioning the phoney version of ancient British History in 1956, and we placed the Project on a serious basis in 1976. By our arithmatic we have been at this one way and another for 46 years.

Let us review the situation with a few questions.

  1. When did the Arthurian Saga burst forth onto the wider scene of Western Europe?Answer: around AD 1135.
  2. Where did the original stories emanate from?Answer: Out from the Kingdom of South East Wales.
  3. Who propagated this explosive story?Answer: Gruffydd ap Arthur (Geoffrey of Monmouth) and Walter Map.
  4. Who were Gruffydd ap Arthur and Walter Map?Answer. (a) Gruffydd was the nephew of Uchtryd the Bishop of Llandaff in Cardiff. A room in a tower of Monmouth Castle is optimistically pointed out as where he sat and wrote. (b) Walter Map was the son of the Breton Blondel de Map who married Neffyd the daughter of the Lord Gweirydd (George) of Llancarfan, just nine miles East of Cardiff.
  5. What is the earliest written version of the Arthurian Saga?Answer: The “Y Seint Great” (The Holy Miscellany of Texts) a huge manuscript set down in AD 1106. Literally in the sixth year of Henry I of England. Mallory simply plaguarised the “Y Seint Greal” and hacked out large chunks verbatim to produce his “Morte D’Arthur” in English. It is not a ‘great English’ text at all, but a series of sections from an ancient Welsh text, which Mallory translated into English.
  6. What brought this explosion of Arthurian stories about?Answer: In 1084 William I, the Conqueror of England, visited Wales and met with King Iestyn ap Gwrgan (Justin son of Aurelian) in Llandaff Cathedral Church. In 1091 King Iestyn and an allied Norman army under Robert Fitzhammon, the general and cousin of William I, fought against other Welsh Princes. After the war was won, Fitzhammon and his army sailed away, only to return at night after their Welsh allies had dispersed their army. This allowed the Normans to seize the coastal strip of East Glamorgan and the three castles of Cardiff, Denys Powys, (Iestyn married Denys the daughter of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn the Prince of Powys) and Din Dryfan (now Dun Raven). Subsequently King Iestyn was deposed and Henry I had a morganatic marriage his daughter, the beautiful Nest. The result was the birth of the half Welsh, half Norman, Robert the Consul, Lord of Glamorgan & Earl of Gloucester. The Lord Robert married Mabila the daughter of Fithammon, and they lived at Cefn Mably just East of Cardiff and a few yards from Caer Melyn Castle (Ca’Melot). Gruffydd ap Arthur dedicated his Book “The History of the Kings of Britain” to Robert the Consul, who was a direct descendant of these British Kings through his mother Nest. After the death of Henry I, this Robert the Consul was the most powerful Lord in Britain, and firm supporter of his half sister Queen Matilda.
  7. So, as “King Arthur” stories emanated from South East Wales, why did anyone ever want to look elsewhere?Answer: No one ever did look elsewhere in Wales, but avaricous non-Welsh Benedictine monks -whose reputation for crime is legendary – played the game of religous and secular politics, and worried English Kings supported their mendacity.

Where has all this got us?

Answer: Absolutely nowhere as the English are as unwilling to admit to falsifying and fabricating ancient British History as they ever were. In 1998-99 one absurd Hungarian theorist proposed that “King Arthur” and his knights were emigrant Scythians in Hungary, and of course this historical buffoon had the huge advantage of near total ignorance of all British Historical Records, artifacts, and sites. None the less this idiocy got major publicity. This followed on the lunatic Canadian theory of 1986 that “King Arthur” was a Breton mercenary titled Rhiotafwys – “Rhiothamus”, who fought for Rome (not against Rome) against the Visigoths on the French river Loire, he lost his battles instead of winning them, and fled to Germany.

Next, in 2001 the long dreaded advent of another American theory, and there is nothing worse than an American Historical “theory”. The first American theory was that of Norma Goodrich of Hollywood, who bought all four of Blackett & Wilson’s first books and then proceeded to pretend she had never heard of them, whilst mangling their published facts to theorise that “King Arthur” was a Scot. This despite the fact that the Scots did not move over from Ireland until AD 562. Now in 2001 we have an American who spent seven years in China – the ideal place from which to research ancient British and Welsh History. This time the theorist had a revelation and he came up with the notion that the Christian “King Arthur” and his Knights were Mongolians. They were Mongolian horsemen sweeping Westwards into Europe. Words fail us. To their eternal shame a London Publisher actually printed and sold this asinine stupidity. The author does not even have the decency to begin with, “Once upon a time in Disneyland…” So far we have, Arthur was a Scot,(Goodrich, Hollywood-American), Arthur was a Breton mercenary, (Ashe, Canadian), Arthur was a Scythian/Hungarian, (Hungarian mystic), Arthur was a Mongolian, (Godwin, American)… what a mass of childish science fiction.

We can’t wait for the next looney theory to come out from an American who spent seven years in the Brazilian rain-forest with Arthur Conan-Doyle, where “King Arthur” fought the dinosaurs. So, where are we in 2001? We have a huge quantity of unpublished absolutely provable and authentic British-Welsh and even British-English material. But no British = London = English publisher will touch it with the proverbial barge-pole. It would mean an English admission that their politically motivated establishment and “historians” (the word is used very loosely), have deliberately in the past acted in a racist manner towards British History. Do we know where Arthur II is buried? You bet we do. Do we know a hell of a lot more? You bet we do.

King Arthur II ap Meurig ap Tewdrig was taught in Welsh schools as local authentic history until 1924. Of course getting a wild idea whilst sitting meditating in China is far easier than doing some slogging through the records and walking around the countries, and getting down to the hard work in Researching. The same author spells Greal as ‘Grail’ and has no idea what the word means. Whilst all this asinine stupidity is going on, the Wales Tourist Board, after eight years of constantly declining figures, and after being described as being in “free-fall” in 2000, has now plummeted to new depths of disaster after the animal epidemic of Foot and Mouth disease.

It all falls into the same bracket as the persistent and widespread falsehood that there are no contemporary ancient records and inscriptions and records of Joseph, Moses, Solomon and Sheba, etc, outside the much later Biblical and Talmudic records. Of course there are, but not in China or Mongolia, nor in Scotland or France, or Hungary. The records and relics exist, but they are politically, and perhaps religiously, very very unpopular, and therefore they are politically incorrect. Good bye Arthur I ap Magnus, goodbye Arthur II ap Meurig, goodbye all you ancient British Kings and your still existing memorial stones and graves, goodbye Joseph, goodbye Moses, goodbye Solomon; hello large gentlemen with the white coats, from the big house with the rubber floors and walls. Buy your new histories from the New World, Ghengis Khan built the pyramids, the Greeks came from Zululand, the Great Wall of China was built by the Eskimoes, and Julius Caesar was Japanese, “King Arthur” was a Mongolian, and George Washington was an Ethiopian camel driver who cut down a fig-tree on his way to Khartoum.

All this against the background of five highly respected university Professors writing recently in the field of archaeology and genetics and proclaiming: (a) No Celts ever in Britain, (b) British Genetic ancient origins are in the area of the Euphrates, plus (c) ships found in the mud of a British river bed dating to 700 – 400 BC right into the Brutus slot, (d) a DNA testing of Welsh School children proving no “Celtic” traces whatsoever! All of which fits exactly and precisely with the abandoned British Histories which Blackett and Wilson have fought so hard to research and to preserve for decades. Every British archaeologist will state that two great metal working cultures suddenly errupted as if from nowhere in ancient Britain around 1600 BC and 500 BC. Yet every one of them will run for his life (career) at the mere suggestion that this archaeological evidence exactly matches with the ancient British Histories of Albyne (1600 BC) and Brutus (500 BC).

The Answer: give up, pack it in, forget it. No Publisher wants to make a few £million, and no TV company type wants an award winning series. We could of course go back to Square One where it all began and where the evidence is piled up mountains high, but the English and Scots in the University of Wales wouldn’t like that. As for Joseph, Moses, and Solomon, etc, there is a vast source of untapped evidence, but it might upset the vague theories of academics who have been dead for 200-150 years, and that is not allowed. The great grey gibbering ghosts of long dead over-confident mediocrities still haunt the fearful corridors of academia, terrifying the modern placemen and copyists into silence. Ancient mistakes have become sacrosanct holy writ which cannot be questioned. The circus saying is “After the ringmaster comes the clowns”, and they got that right.

It was hoped that somewhere out there in the vastness of the Internet there would be people who would want to somehow get involved in the drama of this bitter struggle, and to do something to enliven their working days and perhaps routine lives. It is not the case and we are all become spectators and not doers. Only Blackett and Wilson, and a handful of friends, have seen the magic and the adventure in all this. The wonder of having a vast accurate ancient History all to themselves to explore, and the fictional Indiana Jones is a non starter in all this, which is far more wonderful than that trivial make-believe.

In Wales Government funding of the wrong people on a large scale plays a large part in all this, and Wales is justifiably reknowned for its political ineptitude and the gross cowardice and venal nature of its politicians, who are universally sycophantic placemen nominated by their “friends” and dependant upon the Tammany Hall “system”. Not one of them gives a damn about anything or anyone, just as long as their personal interests are protected. Just imagine the Greeks ignoring the Acropolis at Athens, or the Egyptians totally ignoring the Pyramids and the Nile valley temples, etc.- unbelievable, well that is the equivalent of what is going on in South East Wales.

Can an elephant trip up and fall over a match-stick.? Answer: Yes. In Wales a total nincompoop, in fact an academic insect of zero ability and less integrity, a Scotsman named Dr Alan Lane at Cardiff University, declared that all South East Wales was “a mass of nonsense from start to finish”. Of course this was done in a secretive but well directed letter, aimed where it would do most harm. This non-historian – an archaeologist trained in Glasgow Scotland, who specialised in standing stones in Britanny, France, was eagerly believed by the open cast coal mining and other industrial interests, anxious to exploit South East Wales mineral reserves. Anyone who has seen the historically grotesque and comic film Braveheart, which reaches new depths of historical inaccuracy and invention, will know the appalling standards of Scottish “history”. No one knows who Wallis was – total nonsense. He was a Scot reared on a farm – rubbish. etc, etc. Read a few records.

Again and again, Alan Lane has been challenged to Open Public Debate where he can be exposed as the intellectual half-wit dim-wit idiot which he is, and always he cowers like a rat in a hole, and refuses to come out into the open. If Dr Alan Lane will abandon his private and confidential letter writing and step up onto the civilized Open Public Debating stage he will be educated and properly exposed. It speaks volumes for the abysmal standards of the University of Cardiff that they employ such a person. Alan Wilson again challenges Dr Alan Lane, anywhere, any time, live in public, on radio, on television; come out you coward!

If Lane refuses to come out into the open and face the men he attacked like an assassin in the dark, then he is clearly an academic cretin, and an incompetant moron.



  • These books represent the first authentic and awesome breakthrough in the provable and positive identification of the two Kings names as King Arthur son of Magnus is Warwickshire and his sixth generation descendant Arthur II of Glamorgan.

    Ian Kershaw - Historian