The British Iron Curtain is Cracking in 2001

For over twenty years Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett have stood fast and published their books and papers defending the British Historical Heritage. With only a small band of supporters they have stood in defence of the British National Legacy of our accurate and truthful native culture, heritage, and history. Sadly only around 20% of what they have found, and can prove, has been published.

British publishers and the media in general have run away fearfully from their clear presentations of the obvious. They think it better to stay within the ephemeral safety of the herd. All that Wilson and Blackett were doing was taking the politically unpopular Ancient Histories of the British and examining them in detail, and testing them fairly and without prejudice. They were openly proclaiming that our British forefathers were of an advanced highly developed culture and none of them were Celts or Celtic. This of course runs counter to the Establishment phoney history invented in the 1850s by the religious fanatics Edwin Guest at Cambridge, and his co-conspirator Bishop Stubbs at Oxford. Both of whom leave Dr Joseph Goebbels and Baron Munchausen trailing far behind in the race for the ultimate gold medal for deception and mendacity.

On the 28 May 2001 Professor Barry Cunliffe of Oxford University became the third British Professor of Archaeology to break ranks and to openly oppose the generally accepted lunacy of Guest and Stubbs. Professor Cunliffe has published a book titled “Facing the Atlantic”. The first Wilson and Blackett knew of this was in an article in The Guardian of 29 May 20001 written by Fiachra Gibbons. The sub-title was “Backwardness of Ancient Britain is a Myth says Historian.”

If we leave aside the obvious fact that Professor Cunliffe is no historian, we have a most remarkable report which begins:

“The History books tell us how the Romans brought civilization to the barbarian British.”

Actually the history books tell us no such thing. Our ancient histories state just the opposite, which is what Wilson and Blackett have been working away to expose since 1976. The bewildered academics – principally the archaeologists – have been promoting these nonsenses which are diametrically opposed to historical records and evidence. However, to proceed:

“But yesterday an archaeologist turned that long held belief upside down by claiming that the ancient people of these islands were far more advanced than any of the early Mediterranean cultures.”

Well maybe, but the “long held belief” was only promoted around 1850 in the throes of a propaganda war, when the “long held true beliefs of the British nation” were deliberately trashed. None-the-less Professor Cunliffe is in the right ball-park.

“More daring still, Barry Cunliffe, professor of European archaeology at Oxford, also disputes what he calls the “established pseudo-history” that the Celts swept through Europe until they reached the Atlantic sea-boards of Spain, France, Britain, and Ireland. “There is simply no evidence for this,” he said.”

Hooray for Professor Cunliffe, as Wilson and Blackett have been illustrating in great detail for decades that not only is there “no evidence” for any great pan-European hegemony throughout Western Europe, as fondly imagined in the Rip Van Winkle halls of Universities, but there is a mass of evidence existing to prove the opposite. It goes on:

“There was no great movement of peoples towards the Atlantic, because they were already there.” he told the Hay on Wye book festival, “Only recently have we begun to discover that these people were far more advanced than those around the Mediterranean. We have underestimated dramatically the complexity of these people.”

Well the key word is “underestimated” and if archaeologists consulted competant Historians and the Histories then they would do far less “estimating” and guessing. The great obstacle would be to find competant Ancient Historians in British universities, and is hard to believe that Professor Cunliffe has not heard of and read the works and books of Professor Alexander Thom, who was a lone voice crying in the wilderness in the 1950s and 60s. None-the-less Professor Barry Cunliffe is to applauded in his action of breaking ranks in the interests of sanity and scholarship.

It goes on:

“Professor Cunliffe said that our view of Stone Age Britain had been skewed by our historical reliance on Greek and Roman classical texts which were thick with prejudice and ignorant of almost anything beyond the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar). For all these years we have been looking at Europe the wrong way around, and the idea that civilization flowed from the Mediterranean to the barbarian edges of Europe has clouded our view that it flowed the other way.”

It is noticable that the Professor speaks of “views” implying ideas and theories, and not of the Historical records and the physical evidence which corroborates those historical records.

In 1994 Professor John Collis of Sheffield published a paper and stated openly at a conference in Cardiff that there were No Celts ever in ancient Britain. Disgracefully, and also predictably, many people were far less than polite about this. The basic tenets and creeds of the religious faith of archaeology were being challenged. There is no doubt that Professor John Collis deserves some praise for playing the thankless part of the little boy who cried out that the Emperor had no clothes and was parading stark naked. In the story, the two Theiving Tailors, who claimed to make beautiful cloth that was invisible to fools and which only intelligent people could see, were seized and punished. In the reality of 2001 the child would be seized and locked away in a Mental Institution for life. The Emperor would contimue to parade naked in his “invisible” tattered Celtic academic garments.

In 1999 Professor Simon James also published along the same lines as proposed by Professor Cunliffe, and again this was a basically No Celts in Britain statement in a British Museum Publication. This aroused less hostility and the archaeology fraternity were turning towards their favourite pastime of re-inventing the past and dreaming up scenarios without reference to the Histories. They still baulk at actually looking at our ancient British Records and testing them.

So we now have three wiser men who have all admitted that there is no substance, no evidence, and no foundation, in the strange idea that the Ancient British were Celtic people. The notion that they were Celtic is so lacking in any and every way that it is incredible that anyone ever promulgated it in the first place. It is nothing short of an offensive idiocy. For years Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett have been ridiculed because they diligently proved and exhibited the facts of the great ancient historical records of the British. Like sheep or bovine herds the academics have bleated and lowed “Celts, Celts, Baa, Baa, Celtic, Celtic, Moo, Moo, Celtic, Moo, Celts, Baa…” and none of them ever able to offer one single shred of evidence for this asinine absurdity. They cannot offer evidence because there isn’t any and there never was any. It has to mark the greatest exhibition of total blind intolerance, and absolute incompetance ever. It boogles the imagination that British Universities and Colleges actually self-label themselves as “centres of excellence.” Professor Collis was correct when he spoke of the “Celtic Fantasy”.

The greatest Publishing opportunity certainly in the past 100 years or more beckons, but the British publishing Houses are stuffed full of people educated into bleating and lowing: “Baa, Baa, Celts, Celts, Romans, Greeks, Moo, Moo, Celtic, Celtic, Greeks, Romans, Moo, Celts, Baa, Celtic.” None of them are prepared to think for themselves. Not one of them has the guts and intelligence to ask: “Where is the evidence for these blasted Celts?” The few who have timorously looked at the prospect have run quickly to the shelter of the sheep-fold and the byre to ask their Academic contacts, who have replied: “Baa, Baa, Celts, Celts, Moo, Moo, Celtic, Celtic.” And they all lived on happily in the universities and Snow White gave the lectures, and the Seven Dwarfs set the tests, and Mickey Mouse marked the examination papers, and Daffy Duck handed out the College Degrees. Professor McGoo and Bugs Bunny wrote the books, and Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse made the Historical Television programmes. The Parrots, well they all sat endlessly chanting: “Romans, Romans, who loves you…” and “Greeks, Greeks, there’s a pretty boy” and “I want a first class honours degree” because they constantly repeat everything beautifully without ever understanding a single word.

What British Publishing House would wish to actually publish a series of monumental best sellers based on real authentic well founded Research? Baa, Baa – sorry I meant Moo, Moo – or was it Oink, Oink? No, it can’t be Oink, Oink, the Pigs are intelligent so they cannot be included in the centres of excellence. There is the story about the Englishman who put two donkeys in a field. When he came back a year later he was disappointed to only find three donkeys. He had hoped to find two old donkeys and a young racehorse.

Academics are Clones, that’s how they breed. The student must become a Clone of the Junior Lecturer, or he will fail. The Junior Lecturer must become the Clone of the Senior Lecturer, or he will never ever be promoted and he may even be sacked for working. The Senior Lecturer must be the Clone of the Departmental Professor and he must be careful never ever to think or he will become redundant. The Departmental Professor must be the Clone of the Chaired Professor or he would not get the position in the first place. The top Professor, well everything he writes begins with – “Once upon a time…” and if he wasn’t a Clone in the first place he would never have been selected by the other Clones. They are like demented Traffic Cops, for ever stopping everyone – preventing any movement forward – directing everyone down endless diversions to wrong destinations.

We are back at square one, and back at 1976 when Wilson and Blackett got together, and maybe back to 1956 when Wilson began – “What is so wrong with studying, detailing, checking, and testing OUR OWN Ancient British Histories?” Perhaps the Berlin Wall of Ignorance is beginning to crack in places, and perhaps the great Iron Curtain of Intolerance is rusting away in some places.

  1. The University of Wales claimed that Welsh “evolved” after the imaginary Romans “withdrew” around AD 411 and began ridiculing Wilson and Blackett in 1980, and the academic archaeologists are “always right”. They then changed their minds around 1982 and moved things back 1000 years and claimed that the Welsh language “evolved” around 500 BC, and the academic archaeologists are “always right”. Then they changed their minds again and moved things back another 1500-2000 years to 2000-2500 BC when the indiginous language must have “evolved”, and these academics are “always right”. So basically they are saying precisely what Wilson and Blackett have been saying, but they still claim that Wilson and Blackett are wrong.
  2. Archaeology Professor John Collis of Sheffield University came out of the closet in 1992 and boldly spoke and wrote that there were NO CELTS in Ancient Britain, and that such ideas were a dangerous nonsense and a CELTIC FANTASY. This supports the bulk of Wilson and Blackett’s published and unpublished work.
  3. Archaeology Professor Simon James of Durham wrote a book and the British Museum Press published it in 1999, and again the Celtic Fantasy was debunked. This again supports the Wilson and Blackett Researches.
  4. Next the three ships found in the mud of Humber River in 1937 which had been automatically claimed to be “Viking” (and remember that the archaeologists are always right) were finally Radio-Carbon 14 dated, and the dates are between 700-400 BC which is right on target for the Historical Brutus migration into Britain. It is however 1200-1500 years too early for Vikings, but the academic archaeologists are always right.
  5. Now we have Professor Barry Cunliffe joining the NO CELTIC BRITAIN and NO CELTS EVER IN BRITAIN sanity. It is important to note that Professor Cunliffe is a Trustee of the British Museum, and a heavyweight figure.

The time is long overdue for a complete re-examination of our traditional British Native Histories. This has been largely accomplished by Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett but no Publisher, no Television outfit, and certainly no Film company will look at anything so logical and so comprehensively provable. Britain remains the only country on Planet Earth where the great ancient histories of the nation were delberately sabotaged and cast aside by political and religious fanatics, and before Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, no one stood up in the Defence of the national heritage.