Holy Kingdom

The Holy Kingdom Smear Campaign

Many of those who contact us through the Internet fail to understand how the Dirty tricks scams work in Britain, so here is a prime example.

When we agreed to produce “The Holy Kingdom” which was published by Bantam in 1997 it took three and a half years to get this book out. We were plagued by a Scotsman employed by the Publisher who produced long lists of childish objections and complaints which demonstrated a zero knowledge of History on his part. Our credibility was constantly attacked by this buffoon from within the publishing house.

Finally when publication was due the Publishers advertised in advance as is normal and listed the three names of Adrian Gilbert, Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, against our advices. What followed only became clear to us later.

A Scotsman named Iain McGregor, a man of straw, who lives in his sister’s house in Edinburgh proceeded to write circulated letters which libelled Wilson and Blackett severely. We had never heard of Iain McGregor who aimed his letters at London Newspapers, Midlands Newspapers, Welsh Newspapers, Radio, TV and other outlets, and also crucially at most of the major United Kingdom Publishers and Book wholesalers and marketers.

Iain McGregor – who we have never ever met and had never before heard of – proceeded to make the following false allegations in 1997. He alleged that in the excavations carried out at St Peter’s super Montem church at Brynna in South East Wales in 1990:

(a) Alan Wilson had stolen �000 of excavation funds;
(b) the Archaeologists employed had not been paid;
(c) the Charities Commission were investigating the matter;
(d) Police Officers from Camberwell Police Station in London were investigating the matter.

McGregor further claimed to have visited the Senior Archaeologist resident at Penygraig in South East Wales and to have spoken with him face to face.

Several London and other newspapers proceeded to print this appalling rubbish without making even the most elementary checks. As usual with the British gutter/sewer Press they wrote in the quote “….” fashion to stay out of repercussions in the courts themselves. The damage done to Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett in the London Publishing world was catastrophic.

The facts are:

(a) the 1990 excavation was funded with �,500+ of Wilson and Blackett’s own money, and �000 from an English Midlands support group. Every penny was properly accounted for and accounts kept and produced.

So Alan Wilson was being accused of stealing his own money.

(b) both Archaeologists were paid. The Senior archaeologist denies ever having spoken with McGregor, either face to face as claimed, or by phone, and has had no other communication with him whatsoever, whensoever, wheresoever.

(c) as neither Alan Wilson nor Baram Blackett have any part in any Charity organization the Charities Commissioners were not investigating them and had no reason to attempt to do so.

(d) the London Police named deny any investigation either planned, or actual, and had never heard of Wilson or Blackett.

The questions are these:

How on earth does a penniless man-of-straw freelance journalist in Scotland come to perpetrate this crime?
How does he even know in 1997 of an obscure excavation in South East Wales in 1990 and over 400 miles away?
Why does he lie about bogus Charity Commissioners investigating?
Why does he lie about a non existant London Police investigation?
Why does he lie about the alleged theft of �000 which is monstrous in itself?
Why does he lie about meeting the archaeologist face-to-face when the archaeologist denies on Oath in writing that he ever heard or or met Iain McGregor?
Why does he then target the Media, Press, Radio, and TV, and the major British publishing and marketing outlets in this extraordinary vicious attack?
Why does McGregor launch this vicious criminal attack against two innocent men who he has never ever met and about whom he knows nothing whatsoever?

McGregor actually begged the Publishers not to publish Wilson and Blackett’s works, and he begged the Book Marketing Wholesalers not to sell the book The Holy Kingdom. There is no point in spending years running around the British Law Courts chasing a penniless man on Libel charges and the person behind this onslaught knows this well.

The matter is however one of Criminal Libel and it is therefore a serious Criminal Offence. So Wilson and Blackett reported the whole affair to Scotland Yard in London. The matter centered on London and the Press, other Media, Publishers and Book Wholesalers, but McGregor lived in Edinburgh Scotland, and Wilson and Blackett lived in Hove in Sussex, so who should deal with this crime against them? Scotland Yard did nothing, and then suddenly they wrote to Wilson and Blackett and informed them that the File had been sent to the Chief Constable of South Wales. This of course was the equivalent of a Jewish person in Nazi Germany going to Gestapo Headquarters to complain about the misconduct of the SS.

Why the File was sent to the Chief Constable of South Wales is not known. Predictably nothing has ever been done by the South Wales Police. It appears from the content and nature of McGregor’s criminal attack on the character of Wilson and Blackett that he received misinformation from a hostile source in the Swansea Docks area. It is no coincidence that the infamous Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust COMPANY LIMITED has its offices in the Swansea Docks area. The South Wales Police are notoriously corrupt and when Gareth Dowdell the former bookmakers runner and jobbing builder armed with his false BA Archaeology Honours Degree running this unfamous “Trust” Company Limited tells them to jump, they simply ask “How high”? It must be great to get �0,000 ($750,000) a year, every year, from Public Funds when all you need is a self awarded Degree.

That is what this is all about. There is lawlessness and a collapse of integrity and decency.


  • These books represent the first authentic and awesome breakthrough in the provable and positive identification of the two Kings names as King Arthur son of Magnus is Warwickshire and his sixth generation descendant Arthur II of Glamorgan.

    Ian Kershaw - Historian